Payment Assistance

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

A portion of your home heating costs, as well as some emergency needs, could be covered through our Low Income Energy Assistance Program. Benefits are applied to the customer’s primary heat source. (electric, gas, wood, propane, etc.) for the winter heating months of October through April. The customer is responsible for usage prior to October 1st, as well as bills in excess of the program benefit amount.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, customers must meet federal low-income guidelines based on gross yearly income and the number of people in the home.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program is funded by Federal and State government agencies (this is not welfare). Eligibility is based on gross income from all household members and the value of their resources. Your primary home, vehicles, and personal property are excluded. Benefit amounts are determined by total income and the number of household members, type of fuel used, and size, type, and location of the home. Payment processing may take 6 to 8 weeks.

How to Apply

Apply in person at:

9101 Southeast Stanley Avenue
Portland, OR 97206

Energy Share Program

Energy Share benefits are a one-time grant to alleviate a temporary heating emergency. Eligibility is not based solely on income but also on the extenuating circumstances the household is facing.

Applications are accepted year-round. Applicants must first apply for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program during the corresponding season and have a delinquent bill before Energy Share will be considered.

A local committee meets the first and third Wednesday of every month between September 19 and June 19 to review each application and make the final decisions on awarding benefits. Often applicants are required to pay a portion of the bill before Energy Share will help. The local committee considers income, expenses, emergency situation, payment history on the account, and other factors when determining the benefit amount.

Contribute to Energy Share

Energy Share is funded mostly through private and corporate donations with some state funding. To contribute to Energy Share, please visit the Energy Share Website.