Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles (EVs) cost less to drive and maintain than gas-powered vehicles.

How Much Will I Save?


EVs are clean, green, and offer environmental advantages.

Environmental Impacts


There’s lots to love about electric drive systems. Technology is their secret power.

What Else is in it for me?

Special Savings for Driving Electric

As a power district customer, these benefits are just for you.

Myth Busting


Charging takes too long.


Depending on the level of charging station available, your EV could be up to 80% charged in under 30 minutes. Most EV charging happens at home, but as the network of charging stations expands, it will become faster and more convenient to charge your vehicle no matter where you are.


EVs are too expensive.


EVs continue to become more affordable and with available rebates and tax incentives are a viable options for many drivers. Through the end of this year, our customers can receive a purchase rebate on the purchase of an EV, plus a potential federal tax incentive of up to $7,500 for the purchase of your vehicle.


They’re expensive to maintain.


EVs actually tend to have less moving parts than gas-powered vehicles which means less maintenance and no oil chnges. EVs also offer regenerative braking where they convert the energy lost while braking back into stored energy that can be used later, so the brake systems are more efficient.


EVs have limited range.


Today’s EV’s can travel increasingly far on a single charge. In fact, many of the most popular EV models can travel more than 200 miles before recharging. And thanks to our ever-growing network of charging stations, you can be confident that you’ll have access to the power you need when you are on the road.