Annual Board Strategic Planning Summit

Tabinda Aziz

Supporting Transformation with a Day of Clarity

A group chatting around a table
From left to right: Board members, George Simpson, Mary Ann Griffis, Brian Coy and Denise Johnson.

With having tasks to complete on so many levels, it is essential that board members be knowledgeable and skilled in fulfilling their legal and ethical governance roles and responsibilities with confidence and purpose.

We’ve partnered with XYZ Center, as they have three decades of experience in the nonprofit sector to create a “Day of Clarity” board retreat that effectively conveys insights and skills to nonprofit boards that enables them to move forward to engage in strategic thinking and prioritizing to successfully fulfill their goals.

Without it they are likely to cling to negative patterns, indecisiveness, and poor judgment.  Our “Day of Clarity” truly is an investment in our organization’s future, continuing to pay benefits even years later.