Save Lives, Save Money Call Before You Dig

Tabinda Aziz

Child helping to dig a holeDigging into buried electric lines can cause serious injury or even death. Avoid hitting underground utilities by calling the Sunshine 811 service. They will contact every utility in your area and notify them to mark their lines on your property.

The Call is Free

Call 811 at least 2 business days before your digging project and all underground electric lines, gas lines, and phone lines will be marked—free.

It’s the Law

If you damage buried utility lines, you could be slammed with hefty fines— as much as $5,000 per violation—plus repair costs if you didn’t call 811 first.

Avoid the Big Green Box

Never plant trees or shrubs near those big, green metal boxes—we call them underground transformers. Public Power Company lines run from the underground transformer to your home, so never dig anywhere in your yard without first calling 811.